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“Should I Be Doing Cardio After I Lift?”

One of the topics I get asked about a lot is whether or not it’s a good idea to do cardiovascular exercise after a weightlifting workout.  Usually when this is asked “cardio” refers to some sort of steady-state activity for 20-30 minutes such as walking on the treadmill or riding an exercise bike.  Like almost every other question in fitness, the answer is “it depends”.

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used cars for sale Virginia

Factors To Consider On How To Buy A Used Car

Buying a used car can be a practical decision when you are able to cut down the risks and get the car at its best deal. There are a number of factors to consider on how to buy a used car that will lead you to enjoy the best used car at its most affordable cost.

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muslim funeral services


A viewing, or visitation, is an opportunity for survivors and friends to view the deceased in private usually in a special room within the funeral home.

Part of the positive perspective of viewing is in its social dimension. Viewing is seen as a gathering of family and friends. One shares one’s pain with family and friends and gains a sense of belonging.

Family and friends are a source of support for the bereaved. It is important to the friend to give support because of the value of friendship. It is important for the bereaved to experience the support in order to grow through the grieving process and feel a sense of self worth and dignity.

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Using Progressive Overload to Achieve Long-term Success

Yesterday I had a client ask me why we’re making such small increases in weight on his lifts. You see, I’ve been having him add just a 2.5 lb plate to each side of the bar every week. That means that he is only increasing his weight lifted on an exercise (for most of his lifts) by a mere five pounds. He thought that sounded like an awfully slow increase in weight.

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garage door repair Phoenix AZ

Out of Track Doors

Out of track garage doors can be a tricky problem. The AZ is not known for danger, but it’s true—your garage door can be very dangerous. Phoenix Garage Master knows how to deal with all the dangerous aspects to fix the supposedly small task of out of track garage doors.
The garage door rollers are held in place by brackets. Hopefully, the brackets just need to be tightened. However, if the tracks need a realignment, do not attempt to do so yourself. Connect to the tracks are garage door springs, which are under immense pressure, and can cause a fatal accident if you are not a professional. To be safe, call garage door repair Phoenix AZ services.

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Three Tips for Beginning Strength Training

It’s the time of year where people make New Year’s Resolutions and flood gyms. This lasts for a couple of months and then most of these people drop off. which is unfortunate even if it is a relief to those of us who are gym regulars. One of the biggest reasons that they end up quitting the gym is because of lack of results. Sometimes this happens because their expectations are unrealistic (shockingly enough, you won’t look like Terrell Owens or Jennifer Garner in a month or two), but often it’s just because of a lack of knowledge.

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it solutions

SCL IT Solutions

SCL IT services include Web design, Website editing, website upgrading, Internet marketing, Website optimisation, Email marketing, Domain name registration, Internet connections, Computer support, Computer upgrades, Computer parts supply, Network and software support onsite and remote dial up, as well as and face to face training.

No matter what your needs are, when it comes to technology and computer support, SCL IT is your complete solution!

Information is fast becoming the most valuable resource an organisation has in today’s business economy. Managing that information is becoming an increasing challenge for most Small and Medium sized businesses. SCL IT Solutions can provide a team of individuals who can assist you in managing this resource through better utilisation and application of technology within the budget of your organisation.

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